by Heinrich van den Berg



Short Summary


I am a professional wildlife photographer from South Africa and have published more than 20 books to date. I have spent the last four years taking photographs for, including writing and planning, a book that is in a different class, and on a different scale from anything I have done before, and I am now at last ready to reveal it. The book is titled Reflection.


Main Features


1. We used no less than EIGHT different colour inks to print this book.



2. The book is HUGE – 380mm x 310mm x 28mm.



3. We used only the best paper available (thick 200gsm matt art paper) and ground-breaking special textured UV varnish for the French-folded dust jacket.



4. This is not just a book of wildlife. It is a book of thoughts, reflection and candid philosophy.

Reflection is a book we simply had to make, regardless of the production cost.



To view a turn-page preview of Reflection, CLICK HERE





What You Get


Delivery will be free within South Africa, and at a discounted rate to other countries. Contact us for discounts for bulk orders.






I had severe malaria in 1995, and for that reason I am donating a percentage of the profits of this book to 'Goodbye Malaria'. To find out more about this organization go to




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