PhotoTips: Getting it Right in Camera




215mm x 215mm, soft cover, gate folded

Greg du Toit

2013 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Greg du Toit shares his photographic advice in the third book in the PhotoTips series. He focuses on solidifying the basics of composition, camera settings, shutter speeds and many more, for both beginners and professionals. His inclusion of some of his stories behind the images in is an intriguing addition.

PhotoTips - Getting it Right in Camera is a book written especially with nature photographers in mind. It is aimed at photographers of all levels of skill and experience, from the beginner to the semi-professional. The text takes beginner photographers on a logical step-by-step journey and explains, in simple terms, the basics of photography. More advanced photographers will especially enjoy the lavish array of photographs and tips from internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer Greg du Toit as he explains how to apply and tweak the fundamentals of photography to create dynamic photographs that tell their own story.