PhotoTips : Principles of Nature Photography


SIZE: 215mm x 215mm, soft cover, gate folded

PAGES: 144

ISBN: 9780620507486


Heinrich van den Berg, Philip and Ingrid van den Berg


With PhotoTips : Principles of Nature Photography, the Van den Bergs reveal their secrets – secrets that have kept them at the forefront of nature photography for many years, and that have enabled them to create the compelling images for more than 20 magnificent coffee-table books. Instead of producing an in-depth encyclopaedia for nature photographers, the Van den Bergs have opted to keep PhotoTips simple and to the point. By showing an image, and then revealing a tip for both beginners and pros based on that image, they have produced an unique book. In addition to the tips, the Van den Bergs teach readers how to take images similar to those in the book – how to think when capturing the image and which camera settings to use.

The first in the PhotoTips series, Principles of Nature Photography is an excellent literary “workshop” on the axioms of photographing nature. Advice by the internationally-awarded Van den Berg team is presented in an easy and accessible register which makes the PhotoTips books essential to all aspiring and established photographers.


Author Biographies

Husband and wife award-winning photographers Philip and Ingrid van den Berg share a love of Africa and all its facets. It is their passion to capture unique moments in nature and share these with readers, through the pages of their wildlife books. Based in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, and now retired from careers in environmental education and biological sciences, Philip and Ingrid have transformed a love of photography into a full-time ‘hobby’, with several acclaimed wildlife books to their credit. With their extensive knowledge of the natural world coupled with their scientific backgrounds, they are an integral part of the HPH team of photographers and writers.

Heinrich van den Berg is an international award-winning wildlife photographer, and is also an accomplished writer and publisher. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Van den Berg is well known for pushing the boundaries of pho­tography to create explosive images that are as beautiful as they are emotive.

Van den Berg heads his own publishing company, HPH Publishing, and has successfully published over 20 full-colour wildlife titles since 2001. His books are highly acclaimed for both their quality and content.

Heinrich and his wife Dana travel extensively in search of unique images – always with an eye for the unusual and a new perspective on the known world. Although Dana is a new addition to the team, she has already contributed sub­stantially to the pool of photographs in the HPH Image Library.

Along with other photographs from the HPH fold, Heinrich has featured promi­nently in numerous coffee-table books, calendars, magazine portfolios and other photographic publications worldwide. Both national and international magazines such as National Geographic, GEO, TERRA, Terra Sauvage, the New York Times, the Times of London, Getaway, Africa Geographic, Go! and numerous others have published HPH work.

Van den Berg also shares his photography knowledge through exclusive work­shops held in various parts of southern Africa.