Shades of Nature


AUTHOR: Heinrich van den Berg

PUBLICATION DATE: September 2010

BINDING: Hard cover

Following the ascendance of Art of Nature, Heinrich van den Berg challenges convention to resounding success in the black-and-white sequel Shades of Nature. His fearless approach inspires the reader to see the hidden depths of his images, to subjectively appreciate both the aesthetic and the emotional. His writing is, as usual, startling in its astute erudition couched as casual wit. This work truly confronts the definitions and parameters of Art.


Wow - every page you turn is another insight into wildlife - the only boundary being your own imagination. I would recommend this book to anyone, keen photographer or not.


I really enjoy looking at animal photographs in black and white. This is a book that is all about that genre and I love it. It is beutifully printed on heavy quality paper. I urge you to buy a copy!

John Cox

Heinrich van den Berg dazzles his readers yet again with an art book which evokes the poet, the photographer, the dreamer, the art-lover and the philosopher within us all. The aesthetic blurs with the emotional as Van den Berg strips convention and colour from his pieces and both forces and inspires a stark perspective of introspection and feeling. As usual, Van den Berg’s incredibly holistic approach to his work makes this volume something outstanding.

Éimhir O'Maolain

Publication date: September 2010