Game Drive Birds

TITLE: Game Drive Birds of Southern Africa

AUTHOR: Philip van den Berg


BINDING: Hard cover

Game Drive Birds of Southern Africa is a volume tailored for the game drive enthusiast who would also like to extend their experience to being able to spot and identify birds whilst out on savannah and grassland. Stunning images complement the succinctly clear text, and the arrangement of birds according to how and where they may be spotted makes for a highly useful book. Whilst not comprehensive, the focus is on species that are often seen and are relatively easy to recognise.

The passion from which this book is derived is clear in each stunning image, and each description bearing its fond familiarity. Philip van den Berg’s vast expertise runs the gamut from science through education to art, a formidable combination which makes for a deeply satisfying book.

"Fantastic photos of the birds you would most likely see on a safari in Southern Africa. Great print quality, too. Only bad thing is that it makes any bird photos you might have taken yourself look kind of pathetic in comparison." Dan K