Kgalagadi Self-Drive 1st Edition

HPH Publishing South Africa

ISBN: 978-0-9946924-5-0
SIZE: 280 x 220 mm
PAGES: 358

This bold new volume from HPH Publishing is groundbreaking in its meticulousness. A more complete and expansive book on travelling through this part of the Kalahari one could not hope to find. The authors have included details and information which will make any visitor’s trip simple and hassle-free. Their trademark route ratings, so popular in the best-selling Kruger Self-Drive, return in Kgalagadi Self-Drive. These are refreshingly comprehensive, and will no doubt influence the route choices of countless travellers. Kgalagadi Self-Drive of course includes the beautiful images of award-winning photographers Heinrich van den Berg and Philip and Ingrid van den Berg, as well as those of co-author Jaco Powell. From the most seasoned Kalahari lover to the first-time traveller, Kgalagadi Self-Drive is the definitive guide to this fascinating part of South Africa, for all who love wild places.

Reader Review:

Essential companion to take with you on your trip to the Kgalagadi.
We have been to this park many times before, and are both zoologists - but thanks to this book we learnt SO much on our latest trip and got so much more out of the park!
One spends so much time sitting at waterholes or waiting out the heat of the day - and it is just brilliant having this guidebook with you to read during those times.

Harriet Nimmo

Category: Kgalagadi, Wild Card

Type: Book

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