African Wildlife Exposed

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TITLE: Awe – African Wildlife Exposed

AUTHOR: Greg du Toit


BINDING: Hard cover

Awe is not just another coffee-table book on African wildlife; it is the result of one man’s personal quest to find the Africa of his dreams and the culmination of over a decade’s worth of exploring and photographing. Gently peeling the layers back, eighth-generation African and acclaimed wildlife photographer Greg du Toit reveals Africa’s wildlife in a way never seen before.

In his quest to find what he calls ‘Livingstone’s Africa’, the author has journeyed to some of Africa’s iconic places like the Serengeti and the Okavango Delta, but he has also sojourned far off the beaten track where, for example, he lived in a remote region of Maasai land for 16 months in search of elusive free-ranging lions. Travelling from the southern tip of Africa to beyond the equator, Greg has diligently searched for the so-called lost Africa. This is an Africa where wild creatures roam the savannah plains, enchanting forests and dusty valley floors; a place where a tangible freedom, primal energy and a spirit of adventure still linger.

Armed with only a camera and a pen, Greg not only found the Africa of his dreams but also a way, in Awe, to share his personal portfolio with you. With lavish images and personal excerpts from the photographer’s journal, Awe is a work of art that powerfully reveals a 21st century Africa that is as wild and enchanting as it was when famous novels like Out of Africa and Jock of the Bushveld were written.