Kruger Birds - Safari Guide


SIZE: 165mm x 120mm, hard cover

PAGES: 300

ISBN: 9780639947358


Philip and Ingrid van den Berg and Heinrich van den Berg

HPH Publishing’s latest book is a pocket-sized safari guide featuring the birds of the Kruger. Birding is becoming more popular than ever
and this book will make it easier for readers to become familiar with the birds that are most often seen on game drives in the Greater Kruger area. 
Kruger Birds is a comprehensive guidebook that covers 447 Greater Kruger species.

The grouping in the book is unconventional - based on shared habitats, rather than divisions in species. These broad divisions help the birder to make quick and easy sense of what can be a bewildering range of birds. Each of the featured birds is accompanied by detailed information on where to look for and how identify them.

The index, meanwhile, is a convenient ‘quick find’ section based on related species, which offers a more common way of presenting bird species.

This book’s small size and hard cover make it the ultimate hardy travelling companion for both the experienced and the amateur birder visiting the Kruger. It is surprising that the wealth of useful information and images fit into such a convenient package.


Husband and wife award-winning photographers Philip and Ingrid van den Berg share a love of Africa and all its facets. It is their passion to capture unique moments in nature and share these with readers, through the pages of their wildlife books.

Based in Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal, and now retired from careers in environmental education and biological sciences, Philip and Ingrid have transformed a love of photography into a full-time ‘hobby’, with several acclaimed wildlife books to their credit. With their extensive knowledge of the natural world coupled with their scientific backgrounds, they are an integral part of the HPH team of photographers and writers.

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    Kruger Birds - Safari Guide - an awesome little book

    A very special addition to the books we take with when we visit the Kruger. The photographs are beautiful and makes identification so much easier. Love the way it has been set out. It is small and easy to keep with you. Highly recommended and a wonderful gift for any bird lover.

    Cheryl R.
    South Africa South Africa

    Uitstekende diens

    HPH Publishing was stiptelik met aflewering. Ek sou die bestelling by hulle kantore gaan afhaal het, maar omdat hulle nie die publikasie in voorraad gehad het nie, het hulle die bestelling by my kom aflewer teen geen koste - dit verdien verseker 'n pluimpie. Ek sal definitief weer van HPH Publishing se dienste gebruik maak.

    MAGDA K.
    South Africa South Africa

    kruger birds

    The overall content was well presented with clear identification markers of the types of birds seen in the Kruger. The photographs were precise with vivid colours allowing for easy identification. I particularly liked the "thumbnails" which allowed for record keeping. Overall the size of the book, with its hardy cover made keeping the book close at hand a pleasure. Thank You, Ronnie Duffton

    Ronnie D.
    South Africa South Africa

    Kruger Birds

    Excellent look forward to putting it to use in the Kruger at the end of December.

    Paul L.
    South Africa South Africa

    Kruger Birds

    Useful book. You would need to have Roberts with you for the book to really work

    gary r.
    South Africa South Africa