Kruger Birds

HPH Publishing’slatest book is a pocket-sized safari guide featuring the birds of the Kruger. Birding is becoming more popular than ever
and this book will make it easier for readers to become familiar with the birds that are most often seen on game drives in the Greater Kruger area.
Kruger Birdsis a comprehensive guidebook that covers 447 Greater Kruger species.

The grouping in the book is unconventional - based on shared habitats, rather than divisions in species. These broad divisions help the birder to make quick and easy sense of what can be a bewildering range of birds. Each of the featured birds is accompanied by detailed information on where to look for and how identify them.

The index, meanwhile, is a convenient ‘quick find’ section based on related species, which offers a more common way of presenting bird species.

This book’s small size and hard cover make it the ultimate hardy travelling companion for both the experienced and the amateur birder visiting the Kruger. It is surprising that the wealth of useful information and images fit into such a convenient package.