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One Life

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One Life follows the successful Light and Dust, released in 2015. 

One Life features mostly black and white images interspersed with evocative color images. 

The book tells the story of a life from birth through childhood, independence, isolation, confrontation, desolation, a journey through deserts and across rivers and thunderstorms, always hoping to feel the rays of the sun shining through the morning mist at the end of the night. The characters carrying the story forward with each image are different, but the story is one. The story of life, of dreams, of struggle, of resilience, of making it through the hardness life throws on all of us.

The journey that is being narrated could be anyone's; mine, yours, the little Leopard emerging from its den at the beginning of the story, the Lions staring from the rock in the cover image. The book certainly draws a lot from my emotions, hopefully coming through the images to the viewer.  

The book features images primarily from East Africa, the wide-open spaces of the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, and Amboseli. The beautiful rocky outcrops so typical of the Serengeti NP, called kopjes, are a recurring element in the book and act as a sort of stage for the story unfolding. Also included are images from the Namib desert and the stunning enchanted forest of Mana Pools, in Zimbabwe. The book does not aim to document any particular place or species but focuses exclusively on the emotional and metaphorical power of the images and how they contribute to telling the story.