South African Bird Clocks

These unique bird clocks with wooden surround look and sound beautiful, and have been designed to reflect South Africa’s most popular birds in a most pleasing manner.

The clocks have high quality images of twelve common South African birds that mark each hour, and their true-to-life calls are played every hour on the hour. The clocks also depict the South African National bird (Blue Crane) in the centre.

All images used are those of the Van den Bergs from the HPH Publishing library.

In addition to keeping us in touch with the time and nature, these beautiful wall clocks are a must for bird enthusiasts. They are also unique gifts for friends and souvenirs for visitors and tourists to South Africa. Enjoy the delightful bird images and sounds in your home or in the workplace.

(During the hours of darkness a light sensor prevents the birds from calling and disturbing you after dark. The calls only sound when there is sufficient natural or artificial light.)

  • Battery operated Quartz movement – uses 3 AA batteries
  • 300mm 
  • Setting instructions are provided with each clock