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About Moods of Nature


sugar-free wildlife photography

Experience the world through the eyes of Heinrich van den Berg. He looks at the world differently and his photography will stimulate your visual intelligence like no other.

The images are large and dramatic and printed in black, white and orange. Buy it for yourself, or as a gift for a friend -you will be loved for it.

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Unique Printing Process

Feel the texture of the paper between your fingers as you page through this incredibly well-printed book.

Moods of Nature was printed by arguably the best art book printing press in the world. They used three different printing processes to print – one process for the black and white images inside the book, one for the colour images, and one for the cover. The Elite Edition comprises a unique foldable box. The book forms part of the box and closes with magnets which are embedded into the case cover.

Get hooked on the feeling owning an extraordinary book.

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Additional Information

Find out more about the stories behind the images by reading the additional booklet included in the book.

At the back of the book you will find an eight page information booklet with details on how and where the images were taken.

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Fourth in the Nature Art Book Series

Complete your Nature Art Book series.

Moods of Nature is the fourth book in the Nature Art Book series. Other books include Art of Nature, Shades of Nature and Reflection.

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About the Author

Heinrich van den Berg has had 20 images accepted in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards which ranks him 8th internationally in the Wikipedia Wildlife Photographer of the Year rankings (according to the number of images awarded in the competition).

What sets him apart from every other wildlife photographer is the unique way in which he presents his images. His captions add depth to the images, whilst his images add depth to the captions. Together they form a piece of art that is original and unequalled in the world of wildlife photography.

Moods of Nature is the fourth in hisNature Art Book series. It is available in two editions:The Elite Edition (limted to 500 numbered and signed copies), and theStandard Edition.

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He keeps watch on the ledge between the brain and the mind. Don’t worry, he won’t let any animals past. We are sitting on the ledge between the mind and the algorithm. And this time no-one is keeping watch.

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Those from a rich heritage wear coats made of gold coins. They are sure to get mugged.

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Our planet spins. When we have grown enough, we will break free from this ball of dung and find Mars.

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Don’t write SOS with your finger. Shout it to the skies with the bones of your body. Don’t escape your island on a skeleton. Escape on a raft made of dreamwood.


Creative Captions

Read and experience the thoughts of Heinrich van den Berg as he takes you on a ride down the river of life.

No other coffee table book features more daring and original text in the form of image captions. The captions reveal aspects of the images that would have been invisible. In the same way the images reveal the depth of the captions.

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