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HPH Publishing

Land of Giants

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224 pages

360mm x 280mm

Deep in the heart of a vast wilderness, some of the rarest creatures on Earth still roam; living relics from a bygone era, they are the last of Africa's great tuskers. For the first time these elusive elephants have been subject to an in-depth photographic study and are now immortalised in this book.

Will Burrard-Lucas, in partnership with Tsavo Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service, spent months photographing elephants in all corners of the Tsavo Conservation Area. Using the latest technology including his innovative remote-control BeetleCam, Burrard-Lucas has captured an intimate glimpse into the lives of Tsavo's elephants and a spectacular photographic record of some remarkable individuals.

Against a backdrop of escalating human-wildlife conflict and the ever-present threat of poaching, this book brings a message of hope: that these giants are still out there - and they can still be saved.

Author Biography

Will Burrard-Lucas is a British wildlife photographer. He spent part of his childhood in Tanzania where he first developed a love of nature. He developed an interest in photography whilst at university and shortly thereafter, started focusing his lens on the natural world. He became a full-time photographer in 2010.

Burrard-Lucas is an advocate for wildlife conservation and works with various conservation non-governmental organizations, including WWF, African Parks, the Tsavo Trust in Kenya, and the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme. He founded the website to provide nature photographers with online services, products, and educational resources, and in 2009, Burrard-Lucas created the BeetleCam, a remote-control camera buggy which enables photographers to take close-up photographs of wildlife. He later created a high-quality camera trap system for photographing rare and nocturnal animals, and is the founder of Camtraptions, a company specializing in products for remote and camera trap photography.

His work has been featured by numerous international media outlets including The New York Times, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Washington Post, National Geographic, CNN and BBC. Since 2015, Burrard-Lucas has focused on a long-term project to reveal African wildlife at night creating and using new photography techniques. His resulting work has been recognized in several international photography awards including GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year (2016, 2017), Sony World Photography Awards (2017), Travel Photographer of the Year (2019) and Siena International Photo Awards (2019).